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From BCM Mission Trips to Full-Time Missions

From BCM Mission Trips to Full-Time Missions

From BCM Mission Trips to Full-Time Missions

Madison Meadows knew she wanted to be involved with a campus ministry. She knew that finding community and a church were important, especially since she was coming to college from out of state. Before moving to Coastal Carolina University, she found Baptist Collegiate Ministries and decided to check it out. “BCM was home to the most welcoming people I met in college who became some of my best friends,” Madison said. 

Through her involvement at BCM, Madison said that missions were at the forefront of her mind. “I was surrounded by people who had a desire to serve the Lord, and David Neace, our campus minister, made it clear to see our campus reached for the gospel,” Madison said. Mission opportunities came up frequently at BCM and Madison went on several trips. “I had the opportunity to serve on mission trips and see places that were different from the southern culture I grew up in. It allowed me to share the gospel in other contexts,” Madison said. 

In the summer of 2021, an opportunity arose for Madison to travel to Utah with GenSend. A new church was starting up and Madison and the team were able to experience a church plant on the ground. “I spent every day of the week finding and meeting people and forming relationships to share the gospel,” Madison said. 

During her first visit to Utah, Madison realized that she resonated with the stories of the Latter-Day Saints, the primary religious group in Utah. “Growing up, I thought I was saved, but I was chasing after something that wasn’t true. I didn’t believe or understand the gospel even though I heard it all the time,” Madison said. “I understand where they’re coming from because it’s the same false sense of salvation I had.” 

Since her first visit, Madison traveled twice more to Utah and felt the Lord calling her to move there full-time. Madison found a job and currently attends a church plant in Logan, Utah. “I’m attempting the best I can to live on mission in my everyday life,” Madison said. “I want everyone I meet to know that Christ has saved and redeemed me.”

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