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Finding Saving Faith at Anderson University

Finding Saving Faith at Anderson University

Finding Saving Faith at Anderson University

Emily Frisch’s journey with BCM at Anderson University transformed her nominal faith into a deep relationship with Jesus.

Before joining Baptist Collegiate Ministry at Anderson University, Frisch only attended church on Christmas and Easter, admitting that her faith was a mere formality. Although she identified as a Christian, she realized that she didn’t truly know Jesus or understand the meaning of being saved. However, everything changed when she heard people discussing their faith on campus, sparking her curiosity and igniting a desire to know more. “People would talk to me about Jesus, and I wanted to have what they had,” she said.

Discovering Jesus

As Frisch became part of the BCM at AU, she found a welcoming community. “The messages were relevant to my life and my struggles,” she said. Amid the chaos and stress of college, the messages brought her back to the Lord. Through BCM, she witnessed God’s hand at work in the lives of others, asked questions, and prayed for understanding that ultimately led to saving faith in Jesus.

But it was not just knowledge that Emily gained through BCM; she also found a strong Godly community that played a pivotal role in her journey through small groups. “It was with these girls that I felt comfortable enough to share my struggles and be vulnerable,” she said. This group constantly encouraged her to draw closer to the Lord.

Although she was following the Lord, Frisch felt that something was still holding her back. Due to her Catholic background, she was nervous about pursuing baptism. After seeking guidance, she felt called to move forward in obedience and was baptized at BCM’s Fall Retreat that same day. “It was an amazing day, and from that day forward my whole heart has belonged to the Lord,” she said.

Faith in Practice

After graduating from AU with a nursing degree, Frisch realized that following Jesus meant loving in a genuine and unselfish way. As a nurse, Emily strives to emulate this love by extending genuine care and compassion to her patients, seeing each one as a unique individual deserving of love and understanding. “I aim to show this love to all of my patients as I work as a nurse,” Frisch said.

BCM at AU not only impacted Frisch’s spiritual life but also enriched her entire college experience. The ministry introduced her to some of her closest friends, forming bonds that she cherishes to this day. Frisch emphasized the impact that BCM had on her life and, ultimately, her coming to faith. “I came into college lost and left with a relationship with the one and only Savior,” she said.


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