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Churches Partner for Crusade

Churches Partner for Crusade

Churches Partner for Crusade

Churches and leaders within the Pickens-Twelve Mile Baptist Association came together to host the Tri-County Crusade in Liberty, SC, where 115 individuals accepted Christ.

The origins of the event started with a youth group attending GO TELL Ministries Camp in Georgia back 2018. Inspired by the positive impact of the camp, church leaders began discussing the idea of a crusade with Rick Gage.

Although dreamed of years in advance, Covid-19 halted the event until 2022. A dedicated leadership team, including Jeff Stewart, Bob Stewart, David Abernethy, Shana Stewart, and Rick Hayes, came together to bring their vision to fruition—an event dedicated to winning souls for Christ.

Preparing and Equipping

Months of planning and coordination followed. Meetings were held, churches joined in, and a diverse team was formed. Training sessions were conducted for counselors, and an outreach team went door-to-door, distributing over 2,000 invitations. Publicity efforts, spearheaded by Dan Scott, ensured the crusade’s message reached radio shows, billboards, signs, and posters throughout the community.

As the anticipated start date approached, the music team rehearsed diligently, top-notch security arrangements were made, seating and collection of offerings were organized, and the hospitality team went above and beyond to provide nourishing meals. So many individuals and groups were involved in making the event a success. Throughout the process, the prayer team, led by Rick Hayes, Associational Mission Strategist at Pickens-Twelve Mile Baptist Association, sent out regular prayer reports, calling for divine intervention and guidance.

Leaving a Lasting Impact

As testimonies poured in following the event, it was evident that the crusade was a resounding triumph. “The power of God was truly in the midst of every service and event we had. Our team found a greater vision than we truly expected,” Bobby Stewart, pastor of Keowee Baptist Church, said. In addition to the 115 salvations, over 185 commitments were made, and countless seeds were planted.

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