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A Pastor’s Vision

A Pastor’s Vision

A Pastor’s Vision

Bryant had always had a heart for ministry in New England.

“My hope for the future is that God would raise up a new crop of indigenous church planters that will be better able to reach their communities than outsiders would ever be able to reach them,” he said.

And it seemed like his hope was becoming a reality. “We’re seeing God do that very thing,” Bryant Sims noted. “We need churches from here to partner up with guys that aren’t from here to help them make a difference in New England.”

Tremont Temple Church in Boston was a perfect example of how a diverse group of people could come together for worship. “It was started because John Tremont was not allowed to bring some friends with different skin colors to the church where he wanted to worship,” Sims explained. “He said, ‘I’ll build a church where anybody can worship.’ So Tremont Temple Church was started there in the heart of Boston on Tremont Street.”

Today, Tremont Temple was a Southern Baptist congregation and Sims was excited about the new Send Relief center that they were about to open on the second floor of the church. “It’s going open the door for people to come in and do missions work right in the heart of the city,” he said.

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