A Prayer for the Unreached

“I went to India on a vision trip, and we went into an unreached, unengaged village. We walked around and talked with people. Under a shade tree, about 25 people gathered. I guess they wanted to hear the Americans. But I had a Bible blanket and we were telling Bible stories, and they were listening. I wasn’t sure if they were getting everything. We had a translator there, but it was great. We were able to share the gospel. But we did find that the village doctor, his daughter Rupa, had a fever for almost three weeks. He had tried everything. He showed us his medicine up on a shelf in their little home. But nothing worked. So they asked us if we could come back the next day to share more Bible stories about Jesus. Before we left, we said, ‘Could we pray to our God for Rupa?’ And they agreed to let us. We laid hands on her. And we prayed to God, ‘God, this is your time to shine. This is your time to show out. Let your name be known.’ And the next day, when we got there in the village, Rupa was running around. The fever broke during the night. And there were probably close to 100 under that shade tree, wanting to hear about this God that healed Roopa. And I praise God for what he did. It was just one of the most spiritual, uplifting times in my entire life.” – Larry