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A Prayer for the Unreached

A Prayer for the Unreached

A Prayer for the Unreached

Larry’s journey to India proved to be a life-altering experience, marked by a powerful encounter under a shade tree in an unreached village. Reflecting on this remarkable event, Larry shared, “Under a shade tree, about 25 people gathered. I guess they wanted to hear the Americans. But I had a Bible blanket, and we were telling Bible stories, and they were listening.”

Amidst the language barrier, Larry and his team shared the gospel, unsure of how much the villagers truly understood. However, their visit took an unexpected turn when they discovered that Rupa, the daughter of the village doctor, had been suffering from a fever for nearly three weeks. Despite her father’s desperate attempts to find a cure, nothing seemed to alleviate her condition.

Larry and his team asked if they could return the following day to continue sharing stories about Jesus. Before leaving, they requested permission to pray for Rupa. Laying their hands on her, they petitioned God to intervene and reveal His power. “We prayed to God, ‘God, this is your time to shine. This is your time to show out. Let your name be known,'” Larry said.

The next day, as Larry and the team arrived in the village, a miraculous sight awaited them. Rupa was no longer bedridden; she was running around, fully healed. News of this miraculous healing spread like wildfire, drawing nearly 100 people to gather under the shade tree, eager to learn more about the God who had performed such a remarkable act.

Larry couldn’t help but praise God for His incredible work. “It was just one of the most spiritual, uplifting times in my entire life,” Larry said.

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