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Over 100 Students Saved at ONE Night Spartanburg

Over 100 Students Saved at ONE Night Spartanburg

Over 100 Students Saved at ONE Night Spartanburg

Students enjoy a block party before ONE Night Spartanburg.

ONE Night Spartanburg drew a crowd of 1,500 young individuals, and over 100 decisions were made for the Kingdom.

“Throughout the planning process of ONE Night, we were constrained by the goal of seeing the largest group of young people reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ,” Lee James, family minister at Fairview Baptist Church Spartanburg, said. 

The event, hosted by First Baptist North Spartanburg, was filled with powerful worship led by the First North Band, and Travis Agnew, pastor of Rocky Creek Church in Greenville, SC, gave a message about following Jesus for who He is and not simply to get out of hell.

The leadership team gathers before the event to pray over the night.

The Power of Collaboration

Collaboration played a vital role in making ONE Night Spartanburg a success. The leadership team met regularly to plan and pray for the event. “Many of us were pushed out of our comfort zone, but I believe this pushed us to be dependent on God and each other for the work to be accomplished,” James said.

Travis Agnew delivers the message at ONE Night Spartanburg.

Addressing Teenagers’ Unique Needs

Understanding and addressing the unique needs and concerns of teenagers is essential when sharing the Gospel effectively. James acknowledges this, stating, “This generation can see through hypocrisy. They want to feel accepted and cared about.” ONE Night Spartanburg offered a welcoming environment of conversational evangelism where students could experience the Gospel through a block party, compelling worship, and authentic Bible preaching.

From the night, there were over 100 salvations and over 120 decisions made for the Kingdom. “Some in my youth were challenged to serve, while others were convicted of sin,” James said. 


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