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The W Family serves in Santiago, Chile, as church planting catalysts as well as city team leaders. They moved to Santiago from Aiken, SC in 2019 and feel blessed to call the beautiful country of Chile home. Most of their work takes place among upper-middle class Chileans, a segment of the society largely unreached with less than 2% professing faith in Christ. In 2021, they along with national partners were able to plant a church among one of the most traditionally Catholic and affluent communities within Santiago and all of Chile. Their children attend national school, and this has been a wonderful way to meet different members of the community and minister and share the hope of Jesus. They also work with a foundation that allows them to meet educational needs, using this path as a means of involving affluent Chileans in their work and sharing the Gospel with them along the way. As team leaders, their hearts are to serve sent ones in Santiago as well and to help them be the best they can be as they fulfill their callings. They also love the work they do with national partners, strengthening churches and helping them see how they can play a vital role in God’s plan to reach the nations.

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for the church plant, that God would help them find those who already believe but do not belong to a church, and that those close to coming to the Lord would encounter this community of faith and surrender their lives to Jesus!
  • Pray that God would multiply the hours in the W family’s days and help them to organize well to enable them to fulfill their many responsibilities within their family and within their many roles in Santiago.
  • Pray that they would recognize in 2024 the doors that God is opening and the doors that He is closing. Pray that they would walk through the open doors confidently trusting Him to be faithful to all He has promised.
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