Ethan Leyton

Feature Date:

 Ethan works in a major city in Southeast Asia with the significant Indian population in the city. Most are Tamil speakers with roots in South India, and most are Hindu. There is a noticeable Christian minority, but many Tamil churches in the city aren’t gospel-centered; therefore, most Tamilians in the city, whether they go to a church or not, need to hear the Good News. He also is a team leader to reach other nationalities in his city, including the million-plus Burmese and Middle Eastern migrants.

Prayer Requests:

  • For Ethan to be a witness through the teaching job he must have to live there – for patience, time management, and chances to share the hope he has.
  • For more team members, through the IMB or even within his borders, to come alongside Ethan to reach Indians as well as other nationalities in his city.
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