Why Go to Church?

Why Go to Church?

Why Go to Church?

This article comes from an episode of Wilson Parris’ “That’s a Good Word” podcast posted on

Following the rise of online access to church services, some may feel that in-person worship isn’t as important as it once was.

However, as highlighted by Dr. Tony Wolfe, SCBaptist Executive Director-Treasurer, in a recent conversation with Wilson Parris, host of “That’s a Good Word” podcast, attending church in person is a fundamental aspect of our faith.

Embracing the Incarnate Faith

  • Christianity is an incarnate faith, centered on the embodiment of our Savior, Jesus Christ, who became God in human form.
  • Church gatherings represent a physical expression of this incarnate nature, emphasizing the importance of believers coming together as a community.
  • By attending church in person, we actively participate in the embodiment of our faith, fostering a deeper connection with Christ and each other.

Uniqueness of Physical Gathering

  • While online services have their place, physical church gatherings hold a special significance that cannot be fully replicated digitally.
  • Attending church in person allows us to experience the tangible presence of God’s gathered people, fostering a sense of unity and belonging.
  • Through physical gathering, we engage in collective worship, fellowship, and mutual support, enriching our spiritual journey.

The Beauty of Gathering

  • Churches are imperfect communities filled with real people facing real problems, just like us.
  • By attending church in person, we contribute to the beauty of the diverse, imperfect yet redeemed community, reflecting Christ’s love for His Church.

Church attendance is vital for our faith. By actively participating in physical church gatherings, we grow in our understanding of the incarnate nature of our faith, experience the power of collective worship, and strengthen our love for one another as disciples of Christ. Watch the full video of the conversation here.

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