Ukraine Prayer Guide

Ukraine Prayer Guide

Ukraine Prayer Guide

South Carolina is among numerous state conventions partnering with Send Relief to provide aid to Ukrainian refugees by sending mission teams to serve in eastern Europe. An SCBC team will serve May 28-June 11 in the town of Suceava (soo-CHAH-vuh), Romania, on the Ukraine border. Tasks of the team may include:

  • Greeting and offering water, phone charging, and other assistance to refugees coming across the border.
  • Caring for families staying in churches or other refugee shelters.
  • Supporting local churches by resource distribution, cleaning, or whatever the needs are.

You can help! There is extraordinary power in prayer. Here are ways you can pray:


  • For God’s guidance for the team as they prepare and pack.
  • For safety in travel to and from Romania and within the country.
  • For the team to be able to find adequate translators to assist in communicating with Ukrainian refugees and with Romanian church leaders and local residents.
  • That the team will be able to love and serve well with both local people and refugees.
  • That as the team offers compassionate ministry in difficult circumstances, all they do will glorify our great Lord and Savior.


  • For displaced people staying in temporary housing to be able to find semi-permanent places to stay as they wait out the conflict.
  • For endurance, wisdom, and strength for IMB ministry personnel and the local churches in Ukraine, Poland, Romania, and surrounding countries as they minister in what is becoming a long-term situation.
  • For refugees, who are mostly women and children, to be protected from those who might seek to harm or exploit them during this crisis.
  • For God’s protection for national believers serving and ministering on the front lines of this crisis.
  • For Ukrainians who have never heard the gospel to have an opportunity to experience the hope of Jesus.
  • For peace in Ukraine and Russia.

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