Thailand Christmas Stocking Project

Thailand Christmas Stocking Project

Thailand Christmas Stocking Project

The past two years, the Greater Bangkok Team has been using Christmas stockings in a unique way.   All Thai people know of and even celebrate Christmas, but the majority don’t know the true meaning! So our team helps Thai believers in Bangkok share the Good News of Christmas from person-to-person by providing Christmas stockings they can give to their family and friends that don’t know Jesus.

This past year our partners in Thailand were able to give around 3,000 stockings to our partnering churches. Every stocking meant that one Thai person heard the Gospel, maybe even for the first time. The churches said it opened great doors for Christians to talk to their friends and family about the true meaning of Christmas. Many people received the best gift, the gift of salvation! 

This year, Thai churches have a goal to provide 4,000 Christmas stockings to Thai churches! Join us in helping and praying for Thai churches this Christmas!

If your church would like to be involved, check out the instructions below to make stockings to be sent to Thailand.

  1. Make the stockings. Watch this video tutorial to learn how :

2. Download and follow the instructions to send the stockings to Thailand.

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