Regathering: 7 Key Areas To Consider

  1. Preparing The Facilities
    1. Where Should We Start?
      • It’s been several weeks since the facilities have been used. The first step is to allow plenty of time to get the facilities ready for family and friends to arrive.
      • Walk through the facilities, making a list of problem areas.
      • Hymnals, pew Bibles, and other pew materials should be temporarily removed and stored properly.
      • Put together a good list of cleaning supplies needed. Don’t forget those items needed after people arrive. (Disinfectant – Wipes – Hand Sanitizer – Gloves – Masks.)
    2. What Is The Cleaning Plan Once Friends & Family Arrive?
      • Identify and clearly mark those areas of the campus that will remain closed for the first few weeks. (Classrooms – Rec Facilities – Age-group Areas, Etc.)
      • Make sure hand-sanitizer is available in all common areas.
      • Identify contact areas that must be cleaned regularly and create a schedule for cleaning. (Door Handles/Knobs – Stair Rails – Rest Rooms – Elevator Buttons, Etc.)
      • Identify who will be responsible for cleaning contact surfaces.
    3. What Contact Policies Will Be Followed Before, During and After Worship?
      • Social distancing rules will still be in effect. 6-feet for non-family members is the rule.
      • All hospitality items should be bottled or individually packaged.
      • Doors should be safely propped open during periods of entry and exit.
      • Know the crowd size limitation local authorities have in place. These limitations may be a specific number or a percentage of capacity, depending on your community.
      • Hugs and handshakes are to be avoided. This is a good time to rethink how the “Welcome” will be offered during the service.
  2. Everyone Has A Role
    1. Do We Need A COVID Logistics Team? Yes!
    2. How Should Leadership Be Recruited and Trained?
    3. How Should The New Policies Be Communicated To The Church Family?
  3. A Time For Celebration
  4. Caring & Providing For Our Children
  5. Retaining An Online Presence
  6. Encouraging Faithful Giving
  7. Beyond The Reunion: Questions To Answer Moving Forward

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