Prisoner Packet FAQs

Prisoner Packet FAQs

Prisoner Packet FAQs

Why do the envelopes need to be stamp-embossed?

Loose stamps are prohibited by the South Carolina Department of Corrections policy since they can be used to smuggle illegal drugs into the facilities.

Can I include a gospel tract, Christmas card, or note in the packet?

No. You may NOT add tracts, cards, or notes to the packets. Please do not place labels or stickers on the outside of the zipper bags. An approved Christmas card and Scripture booklet will be added to each packet by volunteers on Collection Day.

Why do we need to check the contents of our packets before delivering them on Collection Day?

The packets must be checked to be sure that all contents meet the requirements of the SC Department of Corrections. Checking your packets saves valuable time and resources from being spent to replace incorrect or missing items on Collection Day as our volunteers process over 17,000 packets in a single day!

Why are we so particular about what goes into the packets?

The Department of Corrections decides what goes in each packet. All packets must contain the same items, quantity, and sizes to prevent conflicts among inmates. Extra items are removed to keep packets uniform.

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