Nurturing Church Engagement

As SC Baptists commit to being a part of finishing the task of the Great Commission, we recognize the unprecedented opportunities in our own communities with the arrival of thousands of foreign-born among us from places that are not easily accessible to “on the ground” missionaries. Through our Finish Initiative, we have discussed the need to find the ethnic people and identify points of engagement, identify the largest underserved and unreached groups among us and today we discuss nurturing church engagement. God’s Spirit is at work stirring the hearts of people in our churches with gifts, experiences, and desires to be a part of this unique and specialized ministry. One way we can be a part is by praying that God would raise up workers in our churches to step forward and commit to being a part of this ministry.  Also, local Baptist Associations often have “on the ground” information related to who is in their geography and can assist with locating people and networking churches. While SC Baptist churches are autonomous, this kind of ministry creates a wonderful opportunity for multi-church partnerships. We know of one example in SC where five churches have partnered together to engage unreached people that have a local population of several thousand and we believe there are others like this around the state. Let’s continue to make Christ’s last command our first concern!