Nurturing Church Engagement

 Jesus tells his people to pray that God would send out workers into the harvest fields in Luke 10:2. Since we are all responsible to share Christ’s love with those around us, we are encouraged to pray for divine encounters so we and our fellow church members can share Christ’s love with our ethnic neighbors. Work with your church leadership and even partner with other churches in your area to coordinate efforts to serve and share the gospel with ethnic friends.  SC Baptists have a long history of being first in line to show love to people in our communities including our ethnic neighbors.   

What is your next step?

  • How can you get others to join you in praying for the unreached in your community?
  • Invite a FINISH team leader to speak to your church group about ways to engage the unreached in your area.  
  • Reach out to friends and colleagues in nearby churches and invite them to join you in ministry among the unreached peoples in your community. 

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