KidSalt Event Descriptions

KidSalt Event Descriptions

KidSalt Event Descriptions

Disorientation KidStyle:

Disorientation happens on Monday afternoon after check-in and move-in. All children and leaders will meet in the chapel. During this time, our KidSalt staffers will present the rules and expectations of camp in a fun and exciting way! This is done through live skits, videos, and interactive games.

Adult Orientation:

After Disorientation KidStyle, children are taken to their bible study groups and adults will attend the adult orientation. In the adult orientation, KidSalt leadership will go over the rules and expectations of camp specifically for group leaders and chaperones, and answer any questions you may have.

Just Kiddin’:

Just Kiddin’ takes place on Monday night. This is a time designed for campers to get to know the KidSalt staff. Our staffers write and produce various on-stage skits and videos for the sole purpose of relating to children on their level by being silly and having some fun. This time helps to “break the ice” the first night at camp.

Get Salty:

Get Salty is our missions experience at KidSalt. In years past, campers have stuffed pillows that were taken to the SC Department of Social Services for children in the foster care system, they’ve put together evangelism kits to take home with them in order to equip them to better share the love of Jesus with their neighbors, and they’ve created “Best Year Ever” boxes filled with family fun and faith-filled adventures for foster care families to enjoy and use to make lifelong memories together.

KidSalt Krave:

After Get Salty, we roll into KidSalt Krave! KidSalt Krave is a high-energy experience that both campers and chaperones are sure to love. Each year may look a little bit different, but the excitement is sure to stay the same! In years past, we’ve had huge dance parties with a live DJ and glow sticks. We’ve also had an outdoor block party with live music, snow cones, and super fun activities and games to play.

Salt Wars:

Salt Wars is our special event that takes place on Tuesday night at KidSalt. It is a camp-wide activity that goes hand-in-hand with the theme. For instance, for “Gamechanger,” Salt Wars consisted of high-intensity mega-sports games outside on the field. For “Warrior,” Salt Wars was an extreme obstacle course lined with tiki torches. The competition is fierce during Salt Wars, as campers battle it out to win points for their team color.

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