Helping Ethnic Churches Multiply and Send

The FINISH initiative was begun to help churches FIND the over 250,000 foreign born who live in South Carolina,  IDENTIFY the unreached and underserved peoples near them, NURTURE church engagement through prayer, strategically connecting with associations and church partners, INITIATE ministry by sharing the love of Christ with unreached peoples that God has sovereignly brought to our communities, SUPPORT starting ethnic churches among them so they can worship in their own languages as they assimilate into our American fabric and HELPING our existing ethnic churches multiply and send. Currently, there are approximately 30 non-Hispanic ethnic churches around SC including many of the major affinity groups that are considered unreached. Among these are Chinese, Cambodian, Indian, Japanese, Korean, Filipino, Burmese, Vietnamese, Haitian, Arabic and others.

With a growing number of countries restricting access to missionaries, it is vital to encourage, train and support ethnic churches in raising up disciples and missionaries from their own language groups so that they can send people who speak their languages to other parts of the USA or back to their home countries as missionaries. We have provided training to close to 30 ethnic leaders in 2021 and are planning more in 2022.  We would love to partner with SCBC churches and associations to do the strategic work of reaching diaspora peoples together.  We call on all our SCBC churches to pray for our ethnic brothers and sisters who are serving the Lord in SC and let us know if you would like to partner with them. We can help connect you. Our FINISH initiative is just one way that SCBC is supporting our SC Baptist churches do their part in making Christ’s last command our first concern. With resources given by our SC Baptist churches through the Cooperative Program and Janie Chapman offering, we can serve churches and help them to see on the horizon a day when every life is saturated and transformed by the hope of the gospel beginning in SC and extending to the ends of the earth. May it be so!!!

For more information about the FINISH initiative or any other service related to SENDING, please contact our team at We stand ready to serve you!