Four Parts to Your Story

Four Parts to Your Story

Four Parts to Your Story

Relationship revolves around the exchange of stories. This is how we get to know one another! God has blessed all of His followers with a story to tell. Our stories are beautiful and unique, and whether you know it or not, they contain the Gospel! The following “Four Parts to Your Story” comes from Disciple SC, a framework for pastors and church leaders to help their congregation make disciples.

When thinking through your story, keep the following in mind: 

• Be prepared to be able to share it in five minutes 

• Try to avoid using “churchy” language 

• Your “audience” can vary greatly

1: What was my life like before Jesus?

There is so much beautiful variety here in God’s Kingdom! God redeems His people at different ages, from different family backgrounds, who have different histories with sin, addiction, failures, and loss. Share YOUR story!

2: How did He grab my attention?

Was there a life event, a struggle, or a loss that made you look for more? Did a friend share their story with you? Were you in a worship service, youth camp, or some totally different environment? Who, what, or how did God draw you in?

3: How did I respond?

Once you realized that you needed God; what did you do? What did you pray? Did you tell God you were sorry for your sins and that you no longer wanted them? Did you proclaim aloud that you wanted Jesus to be your Lord? This is an important part of our story where we get to share how the Gospel became real to us.

4: What has my life been like since?

This is the part where most people are tempted to talk about how life is perfect now. The problem is life is not perfect yet. Be honest here. Share about how God has set you free, given you purpose, and made you ALIVE! But feel free to share how you battle sin, depression, or other things that we must still face while living in this world. Give an accurate picture of who you are now. 

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