Identify Underserved Groups

Identify Underserved Groups

Identify Underserved Groups

In John 4:35 Jesus tells us to “Lift up our eyes and look and see that the field are white for harvest.”   

Once you and your church identify points of interest and points of contact, you can begin to discover underserved groups. This opens a special opportunity to begin researching relevant ways to serve them with the love of Christ. Many just need a friend. Others need to learn English or need help with other basic ways to help them assimilate into our American culture.  

   Local Baptist Association leaders can assist in gathering information as they know the landscape and know their communities well. Also, online resources are available to help. Click Here for the latest data for our state or call the Send Team to help your church use various resources to find people groups in your area.  

What is your next step?  

  • What ethnic associations in your area could you visit to discover needs that the people group they represent may have? 
  • Of the people groups you know of in your area, which is the largest? Which ones do not have an evangelical church? 
  • Will you pray to the Lord to call out workers to reach these people groups? 

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