Identify Groups

There are unprecedented opportunities God has given us to reach unreached people groups through loving and engaging the over 250,000 foreign-born in our cities, towns, and even our own neighborhoods throughout South Carolina. The second phase of the FINISH Initiative is IDENTIFYING unreached and underserved people groups in our areas. While there may be people from many different countries, we suggest focusing on those that have the greatest needs, the least opportunities to hear the gospel, and even a sizable number to engage readily. Of course, all people matter to God and should matter to us regardless of who they are or how many there are, and we should be ready anytime to share our faith with those around us. One example of IDENTIFYING unreached people groups is from a survey we did in the Columbia area. Our staff discovered that we had twenty different ethnic associations in the Midlands. We began meeting with the leadership of these groups and asked how churches could serve them. Some sent us information and we followed up and discovered that there were several thousand Vietnamese in the midlands and not one evangelical church that we know of in their language. A Vietnamese church planter affiliated with the SBC was identified and several Columbia churches partnered together to bring this church planter and his family to Columbia to begin reaching into this large Vietnamese community in their own language. This is still in process but hopefully will come to fruition very soon. We pray this kind of ethnic church planting will multiply throughout our state so that people from every tribe and tongue and people and nation will have an opportunity to know the love of Jesus Christ and as God leads even be able to worship in their own languages. We also pray our SCBC churches will continue to partner together to do this very strategic and important work.

What is your next step?

What ethnic associations in your area could you visit to discover needs that the people group they represent may have?

Of the people groups, you know of in your area, which is the largest? Which ones do not have an evangelical church?

Pray to the Lord to call out workers to reach these people groups.