Find People Groups

We know Jesus’ last command, The Great Commission, was to go into all the world and make disciples of all ethnic groups. In Acts 17, as Paul spoke to the citizens of Athens, Greece, he said God sovereignly oversees the migration of people so that they will seek Him.  Recognizing this reality, and the fact that over 250,000 foreign-born people live in South Carolina with many from unreached people groups, we have begun the FINISH initiative to encourage churches to engage these different ethnic peoples not only in their countries of origin but the many who live in our own communities and even neighborhoods.

We created the acronym FINISH to help describe how we desire to assist churches. The “F” in FINISH stands for “Find People Groups”. There are tools available for churches to help them discover where different people groups live through identifying ethnic points of interest and even places where these people can be engaged with Christ’s love. Many of these tools are available online through census data, and other sites.

We are ready to serve any churches interested to begin their mission journey crossing cultural boundaries right in their own back yards. Our team of FINISH catalysts live throughout our state and will gladly assist you with this.

For more information, please contact the Send Team.  We pray that as SC Baptists we would be the first to welcome people from all over the world to our state and help them find hope through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

What’s your next step?

Ask God through prayer to help you and your church discover and engage an unreached people group in your area.

What ethnic points of interest; such as grocery stores, restaurants, or temples are in your area?

Go and visit one this week and learn about the people who frequently go there.

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