Church Consultation Process

Church Consultation Process

Church Consultation Process

When you start a conversation with your SC Baptist team, the following steps will be utilized by our team and partners to determine the best option for restoring hope to your church.

Exploration (Initial meeting with leadership team)

The goals of exploration are to establish a relationship with the leadership of the church, gain an understanding of the church’s need, and invite the leadership to agree to the consultation process outlined below. Leadership votes to continue process before proceeding.


Examination is an in-depth analysis of 4 areas to gain a better understanding of future options:

1.  Church Insider perspective (statistics, processes, membership, etc.)

2.  Community Insider perspective (Who are your neighbors? What is the story of the community?

3.  Church Outsider perspective (Gospel ministry partners, other churches & organizations)

4.  Community Outsider perspective (How does the community view the church? What needs and opportunities are in the community?  How is the community changing?)

Recommendation (Presentation to leadership team)

Recommendation includes a presentation to the church leadership of data gathered during the examination stage. Based upon the findings, the church will receive one or two recommendations for the church leaders to prayerfully consider. Leadership votes on recommendation before continuing.

Affirmation/Presentation (Leadership team -> Church membership)

During the Affirmation/Presentation stage, the current leadership of the church is asked to affirm the recommendation and plans will be developed for a timely presentation to the church at large. Depending on the recommendation, additional meetings and affirmations may be needed before any presentation to the church membership.

Utilizing a process determined by the church leadership, the church membership is asked to affirm the recommendation by vote. This is an important step for the church to take—this is the step where the church is officially acknowledging their need and commitment to the intended course of action.
Membership votes on recommendation.


Once the church votes to affirm and approve the recommendation a leadership team will develop a plan outlining the priority tasks and tentative timelines to implement the recommended and affirmed course of action.

*Adapted from NAMB Replant Associational Guide
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