2024 SCBMAA Annual Meeting | Steve Rohrlack – Help! I’m New Here!

Every organization has its own language, and the SC Baptist Convention and its churches are certainly no exception. Let’s talk about how the Baptist “system” works; what all those acronyms mean. Learn how important you are to what God is doing in your church and in the SC Baptist Convention. 

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2024 SCBMAA Annual Meeting | Rhett Wilson – Providing a Prayer Covering for Your Family

Prayer is a vital aspect of a person’s life, especially when praying for your children and grandchildren. But it can be hard to know what to pray for. Rhett Wilson talks about how to pray a shield of prayer around your family – and provides a simple but comprehensive method to do just that. One

2024 SCBMAA Annual Meeting | Angela McNeal – Local Schools: A Pathway to Ministering in Your Community

If you want to impact your community, serving in a local school is one of the best places to invest. We have opportunities to encourage teachers, help students not reading on grade level, mentor students who need extra support, and help meet the physical needs of students (food, clothing, hygiene items). By simply asking, “How

2024 SCBMAA Annual Meeting | Jessi Strother – Biblical Femininity: Discovering Clarity & Freedom in God's Design for Women

Clarity and freedom come by realizing you have preconceived notions of what Biblical Femininity is to you, and most likely, you had some kind of reaction to the use of the word, "Femininity" in the title. See femininity as God defines it, as a strong and necessary part of the combined reflection of God. You

Favor with All the People – 10×10 Plan for Strategic Priorities Funding

Many Parts, One Body – 10×10 Plan for Strategic Priorities Funding

Fostering Hope: Engaging Churches to Support Vulnerable Children

In today's episode of the SCBaptist Podcast, Jon Jamison and Philip Turner explore foster ministry and the care of vulnerable children and youth in South Carolina.  They discuss the pressing need for foster homes and the potential for church involvement to provide a supportive community for these children, emphasizing May as Foster Awareness Month. The

Cultivating, Planting, and Reaping in Evangelism

This an audio Breakout by Tim McNight from IMPACT 2024. How do you prepare people to hear the Gospel, share the Gospel, and invite them to respond to the Gospel? Come to this breakout, and we’ll talk about the difference between having Gospel conversations rather than Gospel presentations.

Learning How to Make Good Decisions as a Leader in God's Church

This an audio Breakout by Michael Bryant from IMPACT 2024. Jesus’ model of disciple-making involved large crowds, smaller groups, and 1:1/1:2-3 relationships. This breakout will highlight the necessity of intentional discipleship relationships for ensuring you are creating a disciple-making culture that aligns with the models Jesus used.

From a Disciple to a Disciple Maker

This an audio Breakout by Taylor Little from IMPACT 2024. In this session, we'll explore essential strategies and insights for equipping the next generation to confidently step into their calling.

Engaging the African American Community with the Gospel

This an audio Breakout by Walter Belton from IMPACT 2024. This breakout session wil explore effective strategies for embracing diversity and empowering souls through Gospel outreach. Join us as we delve into meaningful approaches to share the Good News with the African American community in South Carolina.