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What to Expect at Impact 2019

What to Expect at Impact 2019

What to Expect at Impact 2019

Impact is a one-day event dedicated to creating a vibrant environment for networking and resourcing with nearly 1,000 pastors, church planters, staff, and church leaders.  The day will be filled with worship and breakout sessions to provide effective tools and resources to implement within your own churches.

When attending conferences, it is natural to wonder, “Why should I attend?” We’re here to put your mind at ease. You WILL leave Impact empowered, rejuvenated and prepared to lead with a renewed passion.

If not, you most likely spent the entire day playing pinball. (Spoiler alert!)

While the list below is certainly not exhaustive, we’re highlighting a few of the key takeaways of this year’s event.  Here’s what to expect:

  1. Learn How to Promote and Foster More Diversity in Your Church
  2. Learn How to Build Mission Partnerships
  3. Learn How to Turn Your Church “Inside Out”
  4. Learn How to Lead Your Congregation to Have Gospel Conversations
  5. Learn how to Lead Every SC Baptist to answer the question, “Who’s Your One?”
    Visit here for a sneak peek: com

There will be numerous sessions to cover these topics and MANY more. You can view all of the breakout sessions and descriptions by visiting The breakout leaders have prayerfully chosen their topics and will provide you with a foundation on which to grow, as well as action items to take back to your own churches. Those leaders include Bryant Wright, AB Vines, Josh Powell, Philip Pickney, Jerry Zapata, Wayne Bray, Bart Kelly, Brandon Bowers, and Alex Sands, just to name a few.

The main sessions will be led by Brian Loritts, author of Right Color, Wrong Culture, who will challenge us to Share Hope with those not like us; and Clayton King, author, speaker, and teaching pastor at Newspring, who will inspire us to accelerate our efforts to Share Hope with those close to us and far from God.

You know those close friends you talk to, but never see? They’ll be there!  So, come and hang out for the day. The alternative is that you can spend the day in your office answering emails and scrolling through all of your friends posts from the conference.

So now that we’ve convinced you, have you registered yet?


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