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Tropical Storm Bertha

Tropical Storm Bertha

Tropical Storm Bertha

Surprise! Tropical Storm Bertha popped up suddenly and made landfall within an hour of being named this morning (Wed. May 27). It will bring heavy rain, wind, and the potential for flooding as it moves across the state.

Disaster Relief units are asked to respond in their own area as needed when it is safe to do so, and inform the state DR office of your activity. If additional assistance is needed in an area, we will help coordinate teams to respond.

This second named storm of the year, before hurricane season officially starts, reminds us that it is important to make hurricane preparations. This year, residents will need to think through their preparations to account for covid-19 guidelines. Here are a few thoughts:

  • Spare face masks should now be part of your emergency kit, as well as soap and hand sanitizer.
  • Plan for evacuation: 
    • Ask friends or relatives outside your area if you would be able to stay with them should the need arise for evacuation in the next 5 months. Check to see if they have symptoms of COVID-19 or have people in their home at higher risk for serious illness. If they have symptoms or people at higher risk in their home, make other arrangements.
    • Check with hotels, motels, and campgrounds to see if they are open. Decide on a preferred place and a back-up place; keep their phone numbers handy so you can call for a reservation before you leave home.
    • Find out if the state emergency management agency has adapted its sheltering plans. In South Carolina: 
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    Sue Harmon

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