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Spartanburg Tornado Response: Update 3/9/20

Spartanburg Tornado Response: Update 3/9/20

Spartanburg Tornado Response: Update 3/9/20

The tornado of Feb. 6 made quite a mess in Spartanburg, but SC Disaster Relief chainsaw units have been assisting in the cleanup. Rain prevented units from working on some days, but to this point nearly 40 jobs have been completed by SCBDR (South Carolina Baptist Disaster Relief).

The Spartanburg County Baptist Network has helped to coordinate the SCBDR work. We have not established a command post with housing and meals for teams, since many units can drive in to work for the day and then go home for the night. Several units have made multiple trips to serve for a day at a time.

As always with chainsaw work, the first jobs to be done are the highest priority ones: trees on roofs or blocking driveways. Those were taken care of early on, then our units began helping with the still-important jobs of clearing trees down on fences and across yards. Homeowners who are elderly, low-income, disabled or have a chronic illness are prioritized more highly than others for these jobs. 

In addition to the tornado damage in Spartanburg, we assisted with a couple of mud-out jobs in Easley, and a chainsaw job in Anderson.

Many thanks to these units that have served:

The Church at the Mill (Spartanburg County Baptist Network)
Beaverdam Association
Shandon Baptist Church (Columbia Metro Association)
Union County Association
Laurens Association
Grassy Pond Baptist Church (Broad River Association)
Union Baptist Church (York Association)
Saluda Association
Kershaw Association
Kingstree First Baptist (Williamsburg Association)
Chester Association 

Three Rivers Association

Ridge Association
Round Hill Baptist Church (Lexington Association)

Greenville Association unit with volunteers from Pickens-Twelve Mile Association
Beaverdam Association/Utica Baptist Church


  • Sue Harmon

    Sue Harmon

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