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Sharing Hope when Hope is Lost

Sharing Hope when Hope is Lost

Sharing Hope when Hope is Lost

“It’s hard for me to get into a Gospel conversation.”

With the current state of the world, it may not be as difficult as it was a week ago.

Everyone in our nation has been affected in some capacity by the Coronavirus.  Their schedules have been altered, plans have been canceled, and for a tragic few…death.

Whenever God brings your plans to a halt, it is wise to open your eyes and pay attention.  Maybe he is opening opportunity for you to engage someone you would not normally talk to. 


Pray for your neighbors and those you know affected by the change of pace.  Pray for hourly workers that may have hours cut, restaurant workers who have no customers, teachers who are attempting to educate children virtually with very little preparation, and medical personnel who are working around the clock.  Pray that God will give you a chance to share hope with someone who is discouraged. 

Activity:  Place individual names or types of people such as doctors and teachers in a jar and each night with your family pull out a name and pray for them.  

A great tool that you may consider using is You can create an account and you will automatically be given the 40 nearest neighbors to you and plan to pray for them.  


Look for ways to care for your neighbor.  A simple text to check on neighbors and friends may be a great start during “social distancing.”  You may send out a neighborhood email letting others know what you have stored up in case they need it.  Look for neighbors that are struggling with child care if they have to work and you are able to stay home.  Ask questions and listen to others as they attempt to make sense of the chaos.  A great question to show you care is “How can I pray for you?”

Activity:  Write encouraging notes to restaurant owners you frequently go to.  Buy gift cards for when you would be eating there as a way to bless the owners who are losing business.  Maybe write a handful of thank you cards and drop off at the hospital for medical personnel who are working longer hours.  Connect them with your Facebook or social media account to connect with them virtually 


“Social distancing” may give you a great opportunity to have a conversation virtually through facebook or phone.  With so many church services being placed on line, you could invite your friends who wouldn’t normally physically go with you to church to watch “with” you online even if they are physically at your home.  Following the church service, asking questions may be a great way to start a conversation about the Gospel.  You may invite a family over to watch your church service with you if there are no known cases of the virus in your area and your families are not feeling symptoms.

Activity:  You could also record your testimony in 2 minutes or less and put on facebook.  Ask people to leave a comment or direct message you if they have questions about their own testimony. 

A few questions that may be good conversation starters are found below. 

What scares you the most about the current state we are in?

Why do you think God would allow all this brokenness to happen?

Can I share with you how I am coping with all of this?

Say something like this. 

I believe that sin in the world has led to brokenness and death.  This is just another reminder of that brokenness.  Man tries to find a way out and control bad times, but can’t do it on his own.  The good news is that God came to earth, paid the penalty of that death on a cross, and rose from the Grave and gave me a way out of brokenness.  I turned my life over to Jesus years ago and his is my hope. 

So what about you?

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    SCBaptist Creative Team

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