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This Wednesday afternoon, April 17, the Senate Judiciary Committee will consider H4231 (Sunday Alcohol Sales). I realize Blue Laws are part of a lost era where our culture had broad agreement that Sunday is to be a sacred day of worship and rest.  I imagine there are many people in South Carolina who think the sale of alcohol on Sunday is already happening.  Maybe the fact this bill would establish a county by county and municipality referendum to let the people decide.  But we live in a constitutional republic….not a direct democracy.  Our

H4231 would make Sunday alcohol sales contingent upon each county or municipality sponsoring a referendum to determine the status of approval.  I would encourage our Senators to vote no for two reasons:

  1.  South Carolina currently ranks in the top 5 in alcohol related deaths on our highways.  We are consistently in the top 10 in domestic violence cases.  The connection of alcohol to drunk driving is obvious.  The connection to domestic abuse is research shows alcohol often fuels domestic violence.  Since we are not doing very well in managing alcohol consumption in our state, I fail to see the logic in expanding opportunities for consumption.
  2. The laws passed by our Legislature say something about our priorities as a state.  At a time in our culture when we need more respect for the Church and everything the Church stands for, we are removing another layer of respect for the influence of the Church.  When our elected officials decide Sunday should be treated as just another day on the calendar, it influences the culture in a negative way toward the Church.  Are there worse things than selling alcohol on Sunday?  Of course, but that shouldn’t be the question.  The question should be, are the worse things made better or worse by the decisions we make?  I would suggest opening Sunday as just another day for selling alcohol lowers the respect and influence the Church will have in our state.  Human flourishing rises when we remember and honor the influencers that point us toward God, His Word, and the role the Church plays in our society. 

If you click on the link below, it will take you to the Senate Judiciary page, where you can contact the Senators who are on the committee to express your opinion and you can send a note to all the members collectively.

Is this an uphill battle?  Like most situations where we make a respectful and principled stand, yes, we will be moving against the tide.  But I believe our voices should be heard as we seek to keep the ever-rising tide of cultural decay from sweeping us away. 

He must increase, I must decrease,

Dr. Tony Beam

Policy Consultant


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