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SCBaptists to offer resources with the Worship Initiative

SCBaptists to offer resources with the Worship Initiative

South Carolina Baptists are passionate about corporate worship in our local churches. As an expression of this passion, the Worship and Music Office is committed to helping SCBaptists thrive through online and in-person resourcing and training. We are thrilled to announce a resource with our friends at the Worship Initiative. The Worship Initiative is a robust online training platform developed by worship leaders Shane and Shane that equips you and your team to develop as musicians, grow as a ministers, and multiply your impact. SCBaptists are offered a premiere tier discount on all team plans. This represents a significant savings for you and your church.

As an SCBaptist church, you would qualify to pay the subscription fee for the lower tier of the team accounts of the one you want to use. (No discount on individual subscriptions.) Visit for more information, and if you have questions about this opportunity, schedule some time with Andrew McKinney from the Worship Initiative by using his direct calendar link here or by emailing Matt Freeman at

About the Worship Initiative
The Worship Initiative is an online training resource for worship leaders and worship teams. Shane and Shane founded The Worship Initiative to equip and encourage worship leaders and teams around the country. Join the thousands of people being built up by this robust platform every day.

Andrew McKinney
Andrew serves as the Executive Vice President of Sales and Customer Success with The Worship Initiative. The son of a music minister, he has been singing and leading worship in churches from his earliest memories. He’s served as a worship leader and pastor for 20+ years in churches of 30 to 6,000 and everything in between. He received his music education degree from the University of North Texas and resides in McKinney TX, where he is still leading worship today.

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