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SC Pastors Partner with Church Planters in New England

SC Pastors Partner with Church Planters in New England

SCBaptist pastors recently partnered with church planters in Boston, Massachusetts, and Providence, Rhode Island, for a Vision Trip. 

Vision Trips are short-term mission trips that allow SCBaptists to learn about opportunities and needs of pastors in another location with the hopes of forging lasting partnerships. 

For Bob Castro, pastor of Faith Baptist Church in Westminster, SC, the trip was a chance to reignite a passion for missions, something that used to be a powerful influence for him early on in his ministry. “I know that I wanted to get back into missions. It just seems like I got away from it,” Castro said. “This has been a wonderful experience.”

Another Westminster pastor, Jeromy Dean of Bethel Baptist, said their church had not been connected with a church planter. “I really wanted to learn who the church planters are, the work that they’re doing, and what their needs are,” Dean said. 

SCBaptists pray together for church planters and for Gospel advance.

Meeting Church Planters

Among the church planters they encountered were South Carolina natives Joe and Jessie Polson of Church at the Well in Everett, just outside of Boston. “We are a very diverse community,” Joe said, sharing that the city has large Brazilian, Haitian, and Latino populations. 

“We believe that God has uniquely placed us here for a reason,” he said. Since officially planting the church two years ago, the population has grown to around 40 people, and they have celebrated two baptisms, with others pursuing baptism soon. 

The church was actually recognized by the city of Everett for their service to the city. “God just opened numerous doors for us here, and we’re seeing him move in ways that we didn’t even imagine,” Joe said. The church meets at The Well Coffee House, a non-profit organization with a mission to create opportunities to serve the community and share the Gospel. “There’s a lot of things that go on right here on this corner at this coffee shop,” Joe said.

“I firmly believe that we are here because of partnerships we’ve received from Baptist churches in South Carolina,” Joe said. Cheraw First Baptist Church became their sending church, and they expressed thanks to numerous other churches who have come alongside them and supported their mission.

SC Pastors visit with Pastor Dexley Dorcely of Faith Community Church in Providence, RI.

Engaging the Community

Keith Cabral, a church planter in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, shared how he and his wife both came to faith through a church planter moving into their neighborhood. He emphasized the significance of building relationships and engaging with the local community. “Years ago, a relationship helped me get closer to Jesus, so we want to do more of that,” Cabral said. “We want to be people who see our neighbors and hear their stories.” 

He shared that gaining trust in New England can be a difficult feat. “We know it’s going to take a long time, but we’re in it for the long haul,” he said. “We know that relationships change everything.” 

The team also met with Jacob Van Sickle of Sacred City Church and Dexley Dorcely of Faith Community Church, both in Providence. In the short time he spent in the area, Dean realized that church planters are “on the front lines of evangelism.” He was moved by their zeal for spreading the Gospel. “It’s encouraging to me to be able to even go home and have a renewed fervor for sharing the Gospel with my neighbor,” Dean said.

SCBaptists spend time learning about the area.

Establishing Partnerships

“Our church has really been praying through missions, looking for those opportunities,” Dean said. As they continue to seek the Lord’s will for their church in missions, he hopes a church in New England will be one of the ongoing partnerships.

As SCBaptists continue to support church planters in Boston, Providence, and elsewhere, there is a sense of optimism for what lies ahead. Through partnerships and shared mission, SCBaptists are helping to bring about the Great Commission. 

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