Sacrificial Servant Leadership

Sacrificial Servant Leadership

Chivalry demands that when you and a companion reach an impasse you lay down your coat for them. Jesus demands when you and a companion reach an impasse YOU LAY DOWN YOUR SELF FOR THEM!

There are many responses a leader may take when they reach an impasse with a companion in the organization. Here are three with their usual results:

  1. Ignore the situation! All parties are held hostage by the impasse, relationships are on edge, purpose is obscured, and effectiveness is lost.
  2. Let Anger set in! Scripture teaches that anger is a natural reaction to perceived threat. The Bible commands us “Be angry, but SIN NOT!” We sometimes engage in pity parties by pulling out all our old “anger tapes” and re-hashing hurts with each other. Sides are chosen. An adversarial atmosphere sets in and relationships are de-railed.
  3. Lay Down “Self” in Sacrificial Love! The leader goes to the person with whom they have reached an impasse and says, “I am sorry. I never meant to hurt you. Will you forgive me?” It is hard, gut-wrenching, and scary – but it will break the impasse.

Jesus prayed the cup would pass from Him. Yet He laid down His life and established Himself as the true leader of the Universe. May we be like Him!

Mark Powers is director of the Worship & Music Office at the South Carolina Baptist Convention. You can contact Mark at [email protected] or 803.227.6166.