Response Summary-Vermont Flood

South Carolina Baptist Disaster Relief was one of 12 states that partnered on a site for flood response in Barre, Vermont, while two additional states ran sites in two other towns. During the four-week response in Barre, SCDR sent 5 Mud-Out units, 1 Feeding team, 3 Shower/Laundry teams and an assessor (who stayed the entire four weeks). Additional teams were scheduled to serve but were stood down as the work was completed earlier than anticipated.

The feeding team served in partnership with The Salvation Army and Red Cross. Meals were prepared for displaced residents staying in a shelter, for the community in general, and for the DR teams being housed at the response site.

Shower/laundry teams mainly served DR volunteers, but also had the opportunity to bless the shelter residents and members of the community with clean, hot showers and freshly washed and folded clothes.

This was one of the muddiest floods our volunteers have encountered, with some houses having 8-12-inch-deep mud covering the floor. The work was difficult but rewarding, as our teams saw hope coming back into people’s faces as their houses were cleared.

As always, every team had spiritual conversations and prayer with the homeowners. The team members were able to talk to others in the town as well. For example, one volunteer struck up a conversation with a lady at a gas station as the team visited the restaurant next door, and had the joy of leading her to faith in Christ!

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