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Reaching Beyond Barriers at the Gospel Deaf Rally

Reaching Beyond Barriers at the Gospel Deaf Rally

Reaching Beyond Barriers at the Gospel Deaf Rally

Pastor Orr couldn’t help but notice a significant gap in understanding and outreach within the deaf community.

It was precisely this recognition that led to the creation of the Proclaim and Praise Gospel Deaf Rally. Orr, pastor of Pyerian Baptist in Latta, SC, is passionate about spreading the Gospel far and wide. He had been involved with the International Christian Centers for the Deaf (ICCD), supporting missions in places like Brazil and Cuba.

“I realized this really is a mission field. It’s a whole different culture because these individuals live in a whole different world than I do,” Orr said. Drawing inspiration from Romans 10:14, Orr began to consider how to bring the message of faith to those who couldn’t hear it in the conventional sense. “My understanding is that less than two percent of the deaf in America have any connection with a church or Jesus Christ,” Orr said.

Creating the Event

The journey to organizing the Proclaim and Praise Gospel Deaf Rally was a labor of love, but it quickly became apparent that effective communication and accessibility were essential. The organizer recognized the need for genuine collaboration with the local deaf community, finding individuals who could serve as bridges between the hearing and deaf worlds.

Key individuals like Pastor Gary Reeves of Maple Baptist Church in Conway, SC, who had a deaf ministry and was proficient in sign language, became invaluable partners in shaping the event. Through these connections, Orr met Cathy Scott and Jennifer Powell, both passionate advocates for the deaf, and began to build a network of support.

The Rally’s Impact

The Proclaim and Praise Gospel Deaf Rally achieved a level of success that exceeded expectations. Over 50 attendees, including 37 from the deaf community and their interpreters, came together at Camp Pinehill in Bennetsville, SC, to experience a day of fellowship, learning, and spiritual growth. 

The event featured breakout sessions on crucial topics like prayer and baptism, filling knowledge gaps that many deaf individuals face due to a lack of accessible resources. 

Future Aspirations

Plans are already underway to make this an annual gathering, further solidifying the commitment to the deaf community’s spiritual well-being. It has also sparked a broader conversation about the need for continued support and outreach to the deaf community, especially in regions where resources and awareness are lacking. 

“The biggest goal was to make sure they knew Jesus Christ cares for them and that his body, the Church, cares for them. They are not an afterthought,” Orr said.

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