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Public Policy Alert

Public Policy Alert

Last week, it looked as if the SC Senate was poised to pass HB4624 banning all gender reassignment procedures (puberty blockers, cross hormone treatments, gender reassignment surgery) for minors.  

Now, it looks like the bill might be in jeopardy of not coming to the floor for a vote.  There are other bills that have moved ahead of 4624 and that could mean the session will end before the bill is considered.  

Now is the time for South Carolina to take a stand to protect minors from mutilating surgery and dangerous medications that can negatively affect them for the rest of their life.  The House passed this bill by an overwhelming vote of 82 to 23.  The bill made it through the Senate committee process, but it must be set for special order by the caucus if it is going to receive a vote before the end of the session.  

The Republican caucus will meet Tuesday morning, April 16 to discuss the fate of the bill.  Time is short, so I urge you to take action as soon as possible!  Contact your Senator right away and ask them to please set HB4624 for special order so that it will be brought to the floor for a vote before the current legislative session ends.  Our children deserve to be protected from these life altering procedures that are irreversible.  

You can find out who your Senator’s name and get their contact information by using the link below:

  • Dr. Tony Beam

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