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Preparing for a Disaster: Financial Matters

Preparing for a Disaster: Financial Matters

Preparing for a Disaster: Financial Matters

The start of hurricane season will soon be here. We know that we should have an emergency kit ready in case of disaster, but have you thought about what you would do about finances if you had to leave your home or shelter-in-place during a disaster? About one in four Americans say they would not have enough money to cover a $400 emergency expense.

Here are some tips for being financially prepared:

  • Start building an emergency fund by saving a little each month. People with cash on hand can recover faster than those relying on credit.
  • Gather copies of important¬†information and keep them in a place where you can grab them quickly in an emergency. The Emergency Financial First Aid Kit lists types of documents that you may need.
  • Document personal property to make it easier to file insurance claims. Use the checklists in the Emergency Financial First Aid Kit to guide your preparations.
  • Store your records in a safe place and back them up online.
  • Talk to your insurance agent – homeowners and renters insurance usually does not cover flood damage. Find out what is covered by your existing policy. Make adjustments if needed.

Going through a disaster is tough. A little preparation, including financial preparation, may put you in a better position to recover.


  • Sue Harmon

    Sue Harmon

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