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Prayer Guide for the Baltimore Bridge Collapse

Prayer Guide for the Baltimore Bridge Collapse

Prayer Guide for the Baltimore Bridge Collapse

The collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge into Baltimore Harbor has caused major
trauma across Baltimore and will cause major economic impact on the area.

The current Southern Baptist Disaster Relief (SBDR) response (as of 3/27/24):

  1. 1. Maryland-Delaware SBDR in partnership with the Salvation Army has feeding
    teams and a mobile kitchen on standby for potential response after search &
    rescue is completed, to feed workers who will be clearing bridge debris from the
    harbor to re-open shipping lanes. The workers will be working 24-hour shifts.
  2. 2. Maryland-Delaware SBDR is conducting a spiritual and emotional care workshop
    at one of the Baptist churches in the area on Thursday (3/28/24) to equip church
    members in caring for their neighbors.
  3. 3. The Maryland- Delaware Baptist Convention has been in contact with Southern
    Baptist churches in the area have offered to provide coffee and snacks to
    churches who feel led to open their buildings as hospitality centers where people
    can gather to be with neighbors, have a place to pray, and have someone to talk
    to. Maryland-Delaware has offered SBDR chaplains if these centers open.
  4. Send Relief has also offered Maryland-Delaware SBDR support if it is needed.

Maryland-Delaware DR Director Ellen Udovich has asked for prayer:
– For the families of the workers currently lost in the harbor waters.
– For the search and rescue workers risking their lives in the search efforts.
– For the workers, who will be cleaning up the bridge debris in the coming
– For the Baltimore community who is experiencing the trauma of this
disaster in their community.
– For all the businesses, workplaces, and jobs that will be impacted by this
event and the families that rely on these jobs to support their families.
– For local churches and Baptist Disaster Relief to offer the hope and
healing of Christ to their communities.

  • Sue Harmon

    Sue Harmon

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