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One Sweet Prayer

One Sweet Prayer

One Sweet Prayer

“Daddy, can I have some Easter candy for breakfast?”

As cute as my son Corder is, there are some requests that fall on deaf ears in my house.  Especially, when Grandmama isn’t around.

However, there are others that will put me on the move every time.

“Daddy, can you help me with my homework?  Daddy, will you help my friend?  Daddy, can you pray with me?”

So, how’s your prayer life?

Are you more interested in God accomplishing your agenda?  You may see God as Santa Claus, someone you talk to a few times a year and ask for some junk you want.  He may be just a great counselor to listen to the difficulties of your life or a last resort when you have exhausted all other options.

Prayer gets you moving.  It is the ignition point of the Great Commission.  God is more concerned with you aligning with His plans, than desiring a to do list for Him not to be bored today.

Most of our corporate times of prayer turn into an organ recital.  “Lord, please heal Len’s (insert organ).  Help Lexie’s (insert organ) to heal up after surgery, and Luke’s gall bladder has been acting up again.”

It sounds like we are trying to pray people out of Heaven rather than praying them into Heaven.

What if we shifted our prayers to be more in line with Luke 10?  “Lord, my friend George is far from God.  Would you send someone to love him and clearly share the Gospel?  If you see fit, would you give me a chance to be the one to share?”

There are some prayers that may be answered with a “No”, but that prayer seems to get answered every time.  When we start praying for lostness by name, God seems to put that person in our path constantly.

What about this prayer?  “Lord, I am sure that I will encounter someone today who is in need of hope.  Would you open my eyes to see that person and slow me down enough to love unconditionally and to share the hope of the Gospel?”

How fun and adventurous your life would be if you expected God to answer that prayer every day?  God is always on the move in front of you, preparing people’s hearts and sending people to be a part of their spiritual journey.  When you get in step with Him, you join Him in his mission to restore people far from Him.

Praying for lostness by name could turn your predictable life into one sweet adventure.  Start praying and get moving.  Who’s your One?

  • SCBaptist Creative Team

    SCBaptist Creative Team

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