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Hurricane Laura – SC Responds

Hurricane Laura – SC Responds

Hurricane Laura – SC Responds

Update, 9/30/2020The Hurricane Laura recovery site in Leesville, LA is now closed. (New info since the 9/21 update is in Bold type.)

The command post site in Leesville closed on Sept. 25, a week earlier than originally planned, due to the needs created in Alabama and Florida by Hurricane Sally.The teams from SC that were scheduled to deploy to Leesville in the final week were redirected to the Alabama coast.

South Carolina units partnered with Alabama units to run the site for 4 weeks, serving Vernon Parish, where Hurricane Laura’s eye passed through at the category 2 level. Florida DR also sent chainsaw units and heavy equipment to assist at the site. We are grateful for sister states that work well together to serve the Lord!

Although it will take a very long time for the area to fully recover, much was accomplished, to God’s glory, by the DR volunteers who served there. Even in the final days of chainsaw ministry, we could see God at work, engineering circumstances to bring together homeowners with DR teams who met their needs for chainsaw work, but also led believers closer to the Father and shared the gospel with those far from God.

One homeowner, James, heard the message of salvation from a chaplain, but declared that he had sinned too much to be able to be saved. Days later, another team went to James’ house with heavy equipment to move the wood that the first team had cut. One of their team members talked with James again, and as the Holy Spirit had been working in his heart since that first conversation, he accepted the salvation that Jesus freely offers. Praise the Lord!

Site Summary (SC, AL, FL combined work over 4 weeks):

  • 4 Salvations
  • 169 Chainsaw Jobs completed
  • 951 Chaplaincy/Ministry Contacts
  • 1,389 Volunteer Days
  • 12,389 Volunteer Hours
  • 517 Laundry loads washed
  • 3,484 Meals served

Although DR work continues in other areas of Louisiana by other states, South Carolina DR’s focus has now shifted to assisting with the Hurricane Sally response in Alabama and Florida. 

Your donations will enable SC Disaster Relief teams to provide help, hope, and healing to those who have suffered physical damage and emotional trauma from this storm and others to come. To donate, please CLICK HERE.

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    Sue Harmon

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