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From the Field: Greece Refugee Relief + Rescue

From the Field: Greece Refugee Relief + Rescue

From the Field: Greece Refugee Relief + Rescue

Submitted by David Lee, Lexington Baptist Association, while serving at a Refugee Camp in Lesvos, Greece

The Lord allowed me to share the Gospel with Muslims refugees every day during our mission trip and sometimes multiple times a day. A lot of those encounters happened when we were serving the refugees. Some of the refugees who spoke English often came with their friends in need to the office while serving as interpreters.

On one occasion, “Amir” served as an interpreter for his friend who needed help. I was sent to go with Amir and his friend to his friend’s tent to survey the situation.  Amir told me he had been in camp for six months. He also told me about his journey of leaving his home country and going to Iran, then Turkey and then he traveled on a dinghy across the Aegean Sea to Greece. He had tried three times to across the Aegean Sea but failed. He finally succeeded on the fourth try.

Amir told me his family members are still in Afghanistan and he is alone here at camp.  I asked him if he is a Muslim and his replied by saying he doesn’t believe in any religion. I asked him if he believes there is a God and to that he answered “yes”. As a matter of fact, he believed in God because he thinks God had answered his prayers and saved his life. Then our conversation turned to who Jesus is and it is through Jesus that we get to know God. It is through Jesus that our sins are forgiven and we are able to have a relationship with God.

Although Amir did not make a profession of faith immediately, he was very open to our dialogue about God and Jesus. I invited him to have tea outside of camp the next morning and we were able to have further conversations about the Gospel. I shared my salvation testimony with him in order to encourage him, as well as to challenge him, to ask God to reveal Himself to Amir. I helped him download an electronic Bible in his language onto his phone.

I pray for Amir and others whom I had the privilege to share the Gospel with during this mission trip. There is no doubt God has awakened many of these refugees and provided them with an opportunity to come into contact with the Gospel. I am so glad that South Carolina Baptists take part in joining God at work.

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