East Asian believers find Christ’s coming throughout Scripture

A church leader from Edgefield, S.C., recently traveled to East Asia to teach Bible classes to East Asian church leaders.


“One of the neatest things to do was to help them to see that all the Scripture points to Jesus and the Bible is not a story about ourselves. It’s a story about Jesus and it’s a story about how we get to play a part and a role in that,” the church leader says.


The South Carolinian painted a picture for the believers of how Jesus was woven through the Old and New Testaments.


“To see their lights go off as they begin to look at passages and how one passage shares light upon the other was really exciting to see,” he says. “One of the neatest things is whenever I would mention a cross reference, they’d all turn in their Bibles. The moment they got to it, each and every person would read aloud the Scripture together in sync.”


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