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DR Resumes Regional Trainings

DR Resumes Regional Trainings

DR Resumes Regional Trainings

After a year’s delay due to the pandemic-related ban on large gatherings, a regional Disaster Relief training was held recently at Brushy Creek Baptist Church, Easley. This was a scaled-down training, with about half the usual number of classes and participants, to allow for physical distancing. One class was held later online, to help keep numbers in classrooms down.

Volunteers attending for the first time numbered 65, with returning volunteers and faculty/event staff bringing the in-person attendance to 142. The online Shower/Laundry class was attended by 41 people, 17 of whom did not attend the in-person training at Easley, bringing the total training number to 159.

Many of the returning volunteers attended the event because they wanted to take classes in areas in which they had not been previously trained. SC Baptist Disaster Relief encourages “cross-training,” so volunteers are prepared to serve in a variety of ministry areas.

The day’s schedule included three time slots for training classes, a large-group general session for information and inspiration, and lunch cooked by experienced Disaster Relief feeding team members. The barbecue was awesome!

In the general session, volunteers were encouraged to serve, not just in disasters, but on a continuing basis locally, as well as through partnership mission trips nationally. Angela McNeal of the SCBC Serve Team shared information about the Heart4Schools initiative, partnering churches with local schools to encourage teachers and assist students. Kenton Hunt, Disaster Relief Director for the Pennsylvania/South Jersey state convention, spoke of partnership opportunities with his state.

Randy Creamer, director of SCBC Disaster Relief, recognized volunteer Bobby Hyatt for his service in DR with the Union County Baptist Association chainsaw unit. Bobby has served as a unit leader- organizing, motivating, and encouraging his team to be active in DR ministry in SC and out-of-state, as well as serving locally, building many wheelchair ramps each year. Bobby always keeps at the forefront the reason we serve – to show and share the love of Christ.

The next regional training will be October 9 at Lake Murray Baptist Church, Lexington, SC.

Bobby Hyatt receives recognition certificate from Randy Creamer

Kenton Hunt of PA/South Jersey convention

Upstate feeding team members prepared lunch

Mindy Jamison teaches the Poverty 101 class


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