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DR “Call-Out”- Hurricane Idalia

DR “Call-Out”- Hurricane Idalia

DR “Call-Out”- Hurricane Idalia

The Disaster Relief status in South Carolina is upgraded to STANDBY (units are needed- prepare to deploy). Our strategy is to take care of needs here in SC, and if damage is minimal, we can then focus on sending help to Florida.

The immediate need in-state will be for Chainsaw units. Other types of units should also plan to deploy, however, to support sites in SC if needed or in Florida.

Unit Leaders are urged to contact your volunteers, determine when your unit can deploy, and notify the state DR office of your available dates. Do not wait to be called – this is your “call-out!” When you contact the state DR office, you will be scheduled to serve. As soon as we know where you are needed, you will receive your deployment location assignment.

We have heard from three units even before the storm has passed, to let us know of the dates they can deploy. A big thank-you to the Beaverdam Association Mud-Out unit, Pickens-Twelve Mile Association Chainsaw unit, and Saluda Assoc/Shady Grove Baptist Church Shower/Laundry Unit!

As always, those who cannot go can support with their prayers, and by giving to SC Baptist Disaster Relief to support the response efforts.


  • Sue Harmon

    Sue Harmon

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