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DR ALERT: Hurricanes Delta & Sally Call-Out

DR ALERT: Hurricanes Delta & Sally Call-Out

DR ALERT: Hurricanes Delta & Sally Call-Out

While Disaster Relief networks from across the nation continue to serve in response to Hurricanes Laura and Sally, Hurricane Delta added another layer of need. Before Delta made landfall, Louisiana Baptist DR was already making plans to open new sites of operation while continuing the existing operations. 

Having concluded our part of the Hurricane Laura response in Louisiana, South Carolina DR has been sending teams to Alabama and Florida for the past two weeks. We plan to continue supporting the Hurricane Sally response in Pensacola, and will also send any teams that are interested in serving in LA to the Hurricane Delta areas.

As always, Unit Leader are asked to asemble a team and notify the state DOC of your available dates. Volunteers should contact their Unit Leader or use the Unit List they received in training to find a Unit Leader to contact. Chaplains, mud-out, chainsaw, assessors, fixed-kitchen feeding, shower/laundry, and heavy equipment (skid steers, tractors, etc.) are needed. Child Care units are not able to serve due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Our most active units have deployed over the past six weeks, some making more than one trip. Now, we need the rest of our units to step up to the plate. Every unit and every available volunteer is needed, to serve those who have been through these hurricanes. Now is the time in this “ministry of inconvenience,” as state DR director Randy Creamer calls it, to rearrange your schedule to be able to serve during this time of great need. 

  • Sue Harmon

    Sue Harmon

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