DiscipleSC Creating a Culture of Disciple Makers

The SCBaptist Convention’s DiscipleSC program is designed to help pastors, staff, and lay leaders foster a culture of disciple makers in their churches.

Through intentional discipleship relationships with family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers, DiscipleSC provides leaders with the tools and resources they need to share the Gospel effectively.

Matthew Elrod, pastor of Origins Church Greenville said, “DiscipleSC is not necessarily a ‘how-to’ but a ‘why-to’ behind why we disciple.” Basing teaching on how Jesus discipled and outcomes of discipling in scripture, participants should expect to “feel ready, willing, and able to make disciples as they go back to their circumstances and church” Elrod said.

Developing Disciple Makers

Many churches have small groups or Sunday School classes, but often the focus is not on reproducing disciple makers who make disciples. DiscipleSC trains leaders how to be intentional leaders and create spaces for people to grow in their faith and share it with others.

Interested church leaders can sign up for the next training session or contact the Share team to schedule a training at their church. With DiscipleSC, churches can empower their members to make a lasting impact on their communities by sharing the love and message of Christ.

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