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Disaster Relief Update: Kentucky Tornado

Disaster Relief Update: Kentucky Tornado

Disaster Relief Update: Kentucky Tornado

Following the devastating tornadoes in Kentucky in December, KY Baptist Disaster Relief responded in several towns, including Mayfield. They asked adjacent states to assist but did not request help from states further away. Per the agreement between all state conventions that DR teams do not deploy across state lines unless requested by the affected state, South Carolina DR did not send teams to Kentucky.

The response sites run by KY DR and neighboring states stayed open for two weeks, closing on Dec. 23. No sites were re-opened after Christmas, with remaining job requests being handled by local groups.

Pray for those affected by the tornadoes as their lives were turned upside down and it will take a long time to recover. Pray also for leaders in Kentucky Disaster Relief as they organize to shift from response mode to long-term “Rebuild” ministries.

Donations made to the SC Baptist Convention for KY tornado relief are being sent to Kentucky DR to help fund their efforts in response and rebuild. Thank you to all churches and individuals who donated so that the survivors of the tornadoes receive help in Jesus’ name.

  • Sue Harmon

    Sue Harmon

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