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Church Planting Emphasis Sunday

Church Planting Emphasis Sunday

Church Planting Emphasis Sunday

On March 19th, SCBaptists will recognize Church Planting Emphasis Sunday. We believe that church planting is essential to the mission of God in South Carolina. Every church was once a new church, and every church has a role to play in starting churches. The goal of missional church planting is glorifying God, growing His kingdom, and developing healthy churches with new converts. 

“As churches emphasize church planting Sunday, I want to encourage them to pray for our planters,” said NAMB president Kevin Ezell. “Missionaries always need prayer, but it is especially true when they are attempting to reach people and minister to new congregations in the face of the ongoing challenges that have arisen in the last few years.”

Church Planting at SCBaptist

Here at SCBaptist, the Start Network helps develop future leaders towards this goal. Creating a movement of multiplying churches is an integral part of fulfilling our vision as South Carolina Baptist to ensure every life is saturated and transformed by the hope of the gospel, beginning in South Carolina.

“The work is far from over,” Ezell said. “As churches recognize church planting, my hope is that they would continue to pray for more workers to go into the harvest.”

Since 2010, Southern Baptists have planted more than 9,400 churches all across North America. Find out more about church planting at

For a list of SCBaptist church planters to pray for, visit

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