Celebrating Diversity and Growth of Church Plants in SC

The South Carolina Baptist Convention is celebrating the growth of church planting in the state. As of May 4th, 2023, 27 SCBaptist church plants are receiving funding.

What’s particularly exciting about this growth is the diversity of the churches being planted. Of the 27 churches currently receiving funding, 12 are non-Anglo, including four Hispanic, three multiethnic, two Chinese, two African American, and one Brazilian. Two other people groups, one Arabic and one Vietnamese, are also identifying pockets in the state where they desire to plant churches.

This diversity in church planting is a reflection of the broader SC community and a testament to SCBaptist’s commitment to reaching all people with the hope of the Gospel. By supporting a variety of church plants, SCBaptist is helping to ensure the truth that every life counts because we see a day when every life is saturated and transformed by the hope of the Gospel beginning in SC.

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