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Adoption and Foster Care Grants Available

Adoption and Foster Care Grants Available

Adoption and Foster Care Grants Available

Christians have long advocated for the value of life because of the belief that all people were made in God’s image. For nearly 40 years, Christians in the United States have circled January 22 as a day of remembrance and as a celebration of life in observing the National Sanctity of Human Life Day. This day takes on new meaning this year with the reversal of Roe V Wade. While a significant focus has been on changing abortion laws, an equal focus is also needed on caring for reluctant and underprepared moms and the children who are to be born to them.

One of our values at the South Carolina Baptist Convention is the potential of every life. This every life conversation must also include the 119 children and youth in the South Carolina DSS foster system who are legally available for adoption.  Without a family to adopt them, they will remain in foster care until they eventually age out of the system at 18 or 21.

Who better to respond with the love of Jesus than South Carolina Baptists? Because we exist to help each church advance the Great Commission together, we want to help our churches care for these vulnerable children and youth. As such, we’ve made $100,000 available to our churches to help families adopt vulnerable children and youth out of the foster system.

We believe South Carolina Baptists can make a difference. What if we could see the number of children waiting on a family drop from 119 to 0? Wouldn’t that be pleasing to the heart of God? Wouldn’t that be something worth celebrating as a part of the Sanctity of Human Life Day? 

Together, we can see the gospel proclaimed, communities transformed, and every life receive hope.

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