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A Farewell Prayer for Dr. Hollingsworth

A Farewell Prayer for Dr. Hollingsworth

A Farewell Prayer for Dr. Hollingsworth

This morning, SCBaptist Staff gathered for breakfast to celebrate Dr. Gary Hollingsworth. At the conclusion of the breakfast, Dr. Tony Wolfe prayed over Dr. Hollingsworth:

“Thank you, Lord, for Dr. Hollingsworth and the warm smile that he brings to every conversation. Thank you for the relentless encouragement that he willingly and readily gives to every person he meets. I thank you for the wisdom that you’ve entrusted him with, that he readily imparts to people like me who desperately need it.

God, thank you that he’s a man who’s called by you and for you, and to you foremost and first, who’s retiring but not quitting. God, thank you for the many years of investment he’s placed in building a leadership team in this staff. Not just in hiring the right ones, although he has, but also in continually building them to be the best that they can be. You’ve given him the unique ability to draw out the best in every person that he shepherds. 

Lord, thank you for a staff team that understands the gravity of moments like this. Lord, I know as Lee’s already said, that has been cultivated by the leadership of Gary. Lord, the story of the churches is reflected not just in the story of Gary’s leadership, but also in the story of this staff. Lord, we have so much good work left to do. Lord, we have a solid foundation on which to build, because of the way you’ve led in and through Dr. Hollingsworth. So, we give you thanks.

Lord, although this isn’t an official commissioning service, we commission him to ongoing service in your kingdom. Would you please give him opportunities he never even dreamed of ahead of him? Lord, open doors for Gospel conversations for discipleship, moments for mentorship in younger guys even like me, who are going to constantly call him and ask him for advice, wisdom, and direction. Lord, there are a lot of plans. Lord, we thank you for direction; clear, compelling direction. Lord, I pray that you keep him sensitive to your leadership no matter what it looks like in the days ahead.

So, Lord, thank you for your ongoing ministry. God, we thank you for him. You have made your face to shine on Gary Hollingsworth. We pray, Lord Jesus, that you would be gracious to him, bless him, give him peace, and establish the work of his hands in the season ahead. We ask you to in Jesus’ strong name, and for His glory. Amen.”


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