3 Ways to Show Your Appreciation to Teachers

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week! Teachers give so much of themselves to their students and often go above and beyond the call to serve them well. Let us express our gratitude throughout the year, but more so during this week.

Here are a few ways to show your local educators how much they are appreciated:

  1. During testing, many teachers have very little time to themselves.  Consider watching a classroom during lunch so the teacher can eat lunch “duty free.”  To go the extra mile, provide lunch for the teacher!
  2. A sweet treat goes a long way!  Beautify a cart, add some coffee and special creamers, doughnuts, or cookies and go class-to-class to show the teachers you care.  For an added sentiment, hand out encouraging sticky notes with each sweet treat!
  3. Collect gift cards and notes from your congregation to bless a teacher or several teachers.  This will provide much needed encouragement as they finish out the year strong!

If you’re looking for ways to get involved in your local school, Heart4Schools provides a wonderful avenue to do so. For more information, visit www.heart4schools.org.