If I drop a spot after the March 1st deadline, can the lost deposit be applied to my remaining balance for camp?

Deposits are non-refundable after March 1st. However, if you do have to drop spots before the March 1st deadline, the deposits that you’ve paid can be allocated toward your remaining balance for camp.

Is there a deadline to add spots?

We encourage any additions to be made at least two weeks prior to your arrival at camp. Please contact us as soon as possible to make sure that we have spots available and can accommodate additions to your group with housing.


What is the age group for KidSalt?

KidSalt is specifically designed for children who have completed third, fourth, or fifth grade. Children who have not yet completed the third grade do not meet the age requirement to attend KidSalt. Students who have completed sixth through twelfth grade are encouraged to attend our summer camp for students, SummerSalt (summersalt.org).


Who do I make my check out to and where do I mail it?

Checks should be made out to the South Carolina Baptist Convention (SCBC). Please put the week of camp you’re registered for in the memo line (KS Week 1 or KS Week 2). Please send checks to the below address:


ATTN: KidSalt

190 Stoneridge Drive

Columbia, SC 29210

When is my remaining balance due for camp?

New this year: Final payment is due on June 15th. You can send a check or pay with a card in the registration system. 


Can I turn in an uncompleted list and make updates/changes to it later?
  • Participants will be uploaded into your Brushfire registration, like last year. The participant list is used for housing purposes and to ensure we reserve enough rooms to accommodate your group. We encourage you to complete the information on Brushfire as thorough as possible.

  • We know things may change within 14 days, however, it is much easier to make a few changes instead of adding an entire group to our housing list.


When are track assignments made?

Tracks are assigned on a first come first serve basis. For a better chance of the children in your group getting assigned to their first or second track choice, please turn in your participants list as soon as possible. If a track fills up before your list is turned in, a child may get their third choice or be placed in a track that is not already full.

When will we find out the track assignments for our group?

As you can imagine, assigning tracks can become a very tedious process. Especially because we try our best to make sure the children in your group get one of their top three choices! With updates and changes being made to participant lists up until the start date of camp, we diligently prepare and edit track assignments up until the first day of camp. Please plan to receive your updated track assignment list at check-in when you arrive at KidSalt.