SC Connect Projects- North Africa

Project 1

Dates: Early 2024, Late Summer or Fall 2024

Team Size: 4-10

Trip Length: 7 days

Description: Looking for volunteers for a week of sharing the Gospel with the people of a city in North Africa. The team would venture into unengaged parts of the city to map, prayer walk, share the Gospel, and follow-up with those that are interested in knowing more. These teams would be working alongside long-term missionaries who would continue follow-up and discipleship process with interested contacts.


Project 2

Team Size: 2-10

Trip Length: 7 days*

Description: Looking for a fellowship that has a vision help reach university students in our city. Students seem to be the most responsive to the Gospel. We are looking for a team that has had experience in reaching university students either in their home field or abroad.

*also looking for semester interns for this project, who would stay for several months


Project 3

Seeking a volunteer homeschool teacher for the 2024-2025 homeschool year. This could be several months, one semester, or a full year.


Project 4

Team Size: 2-3

Description: Looking for small groups, specifically those with medical skills to visit and help missionaries with their work.